Halo Infinite Devs Share New Details on Multiplayer Progression, Challenges

Halo Infinite players now know a bit more about how the game's multiplayer mode and progression system work with one another thanks to new details shared by 343 Industries. The game won't have a traditional experience system that gives players more points based on kills and in-game performance and will instead award battle pass experience by completing weekly and daily challenges. The developers also assured people that it would take many hours to fully complete these challenges in case players were worried about running out of things to do too quickly in a season.

The latest Inside Infinite post from 343 Industries rehashed some of the known details about Halo Infinite before delving into some new info. The game will have one battle pass consisting of a free and premium track, and included in that pass are cosmetics, XP Boosts, "challenge swaps," and more rewards. The pass requires the same amount of XP to go from one level to the next no matter where you are in it, and players are able to progress through any season's battle pass even if the season it was tied to has already ended which means nobody gets left behind.

To progress through this pass, you'll have to knock out daily and weekly challenges. Players get around 20 weekly challenges each week, and while the total amount of XP to be gained from a set of challenges will be the same for every player, not every player will have the same set since those challenges are being pulled from "several hundred potential options." Finish up all your weekly challenges and you'll get a "Capstone" challenge that gives out a better reward like a coating or an emblem.

Daily challenges, by comparison, are more frequent but don't dish out quite as much XP. They're divided into "stages" that get progressively more difficult with scaling rewards.

That's all well and good for challenge hunters, but players have expressed already that they'd like something for their match performances "along the lines of earning SR152 in Halo 5: Guardians," 343 Industries acknowledged. Expansions of the multiplayer system are something the devs said they're looking into, but for now, they're "optimistic" about the XP drip stemming from challenges.


"While we understand the community's feedback around wanting a steady drip of match XP and more ways to earn XP for the Battle Pass, we are optimistic that the system available at launch will give players adequate means of continually having something to accomplish and a means to progress," 343 Industries said. "Looking further ahead beyond launch, we expect these systems to evolve in direct partnership with player feedback."

Halo Infinite's next multiplayer test is coming up soon, so expect to see more details about the game and its multiplayer mode shared around that time.