Halo Infinite Multiplayer Release Rumored to Be Delayed at Last Minute

In recent days, new rumors have popped up suggesting that 343 Industries and Xbox were planning to release the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite this coming Monday, November 15. The release was meant to serve as a surprise for fans and would celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and the original Halo game. And while these rumors have been gaining quite a bit of steam over the past day, sadly, it sounds like such a release for Halo Infinite will no longer be transpiring. 

According to one insider that goes by the name "Nate the Hate", a last-minute change at 343 and Xbox has prompted the delay of Halo Infinite from its supposed launch this Monday. Nate was one of the original leakers in question that asserted Halo Infinite's multiplayer would be releasing nearly a full month ahead of schedule. While he doesn't go into too many details about why this "delay" has transpired, he has still claimed that it will arrive at some point before the full game's launch in December. Specifically, Nate claims that Halo Infinite's multiplayer will still release in November, but he doesn't give any further dates or details related to when it could be happening. 

Again, it's worth stressing with this story that everything that has been expressed here, including both the supposed release plans and its ensuing delay for the multiplayer of Halo Infinite, are nothing more than rumors. Since there's no way that we can substantiate or corroborate any of this for ourselves, it's important to take everything that has been expressed with a grain of salt. No matter what the truth is, we should end up hearing more on this situation directly from Xbox in just a couple of short days on November 15. 

Until then, the formal release date that Halo Infinite currently has is for next month on December 8. When the game does end up arriving, it will be coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC platforms. 

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