Halo Infinite Reveals New Multiplayer Skins, Customization Plans

The latest Halo Waypoint update from 343 Industries devoted some time to Halo Infinite’s customization systems in place in its multiplayer component. Some insights into the plans for customizations and why they’re being done through so many different promotions so far were shared, and Halo fans also got a preview of some new multiplayer skins that’ll be available for not only the Spartan armor but also the vehicles players use. The developer also addressed some of the concerns players have had about the “coating” system that’s used to create these customizations and they way they look.

Revealing the latest multiplayer skin we’ve seen for the Mark VII Mjolnir suit, 343 Industries showed off the “Red Shift” armor coating below. Featuring a red, black, and silver appearance, this one looks a bit more scuffed up than the previous purple and black one and looks like it’s actually been in combat a time or two. It’s still just concept art for the armor coating though, so it could very well look different whenever it’s released.

To get that skin, 343 Industries said you have to purchase any Xbox or Halo merchandise from GameStop between November 9th and December 13th. The skin below for the Warthog vehicle was also revealed, though it hasn’t been said yet how players can get this “Azure” vehicle coating.

Halo Infinite Warthog Skin
(Photo: 343 Industries)

Promoting the game via retailers like GameStop with exclusive content is an expected deal, but Halo Infinite has quite a few promotions in place with different companies for a game that doesn’t have a release date yet. It’s partnered with Monster Energy, snack makers Mondelez, and more already. 343 Industries said product promotions like these weren’t how the developer originally envisioned showing off the customization plans to players but did provide some more info on how they’ll be a part of Halo Infinite.

This new coating system will take the place of the previous color system. Coatings on things like armor and vehicles will replace the primary and secondary armor color options from previous games. In a comparison for the selection that’ll be available, 343 Industries said the customization options for armor will be more robust like in Halo: Reach as opposes to Halo 5: Guardians.


On the topic of the last skin to be shared, the purple “Monarch” coating, 343 Industries acknowledged players’ concerns that it looked too plastic-like. Part of that is due to the return to the more classic Halo style and part of it is because the work-in-progress renders don’t accurately show off exactly how the skins will look in-game.

More information on these customization systems in Halo Infinite will be shared in the future, 343 Industries said.