Halo Infinite Shows Off First Look at Special Multiplayer Armor

A preview of some unique armor coming to Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode was shared this week to show what some of the PvP Spartans may look like when the game releases in 2021. The armor coating previewed on the Mark VII Mjolnir suit trades out the signature greens people typically associate with Halo for a purple paint job instead. It’s part of a Halo Infinite promotion 343 Industries and Microsoft is running with Mondelēz International and is one of several different pieces of in-game content players can get by purchasing certain products.

The armor coating in question can be found below after it was shared by 343 Industries in the latest Halo Waypoint post. It’s a work-in-progress render of what this particular Monarch armor variant will look like in the game’s multiplayer mode, so there’s a chance that it’ll look different whenever Halo Infinite actually releases.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Armor
(Photo: Microsoft)

If you haven’t heard of Mondelēz International before, you’ve probably heard of some of the products the company makes. They’re the group responsible for things like Oreos and Sour Patch Kids and Chips Ahoy, and it’s from those products that you’ll be able to get armor coatings like this one in Halo Infinite. Products marked with Halo Infinite branding are showing up in stores in the United States now, 343 Industries said, which means you can go ahead and start collecting those codes for items like this one before the game’s out.

The details on the page for the promotion listed the prizes players are guaranteed to get from redeeming codes. The developer said players will unlock items in a specific order by submitting the codes with the first one being the Monarch armor above.

Guaranteed Prizes from Codes:

  • Monarch Armor Coating
  • Oscillation Player Emblem
  • Granular Armor Coating
  • Oscillation Armor Emblem
  • Delta Diamond Player Emblem

343 Industries also acknowledged that there are more than a few Halo Infinite promotions starting up or going on right now. We’ve already seen news of Nerf Blasters modeled after Halo weapons and we know that Halo Infinite has also partnered with Monster Energy. The developer said a comprehensive post will come soon to put all those promotions in one place.

As for the multiplayer mode itself, people have to wait until the game releases in 2021 to get a hands-on feel for Halo Infinite. We do know that the multiplayer mode will be free-to-play though, so you’ll at least be able to try it without risk when it’s available.