Xbox Reveals Cryptic Halo Infinite Teaser

Today, Xbox revealed a new and cryptic Halo Infinite teaser that quickly sent Halo and Xbox fans [...]

Today, Xbox revealed a new and cryptic Halo Infinite teaser that quickly sent Halo and Xbox fans into a frenzy of speculation. The new teaser comes way of the official Halo Twitter account, and while it doesn't outright reveal or confirm anything, its implications are pretty interesting and may provide some insight into the story of the new Halo game, which is scheduled to release this year alongside the launch of the Xbox Series X.

On the surface level, there's not much to the teaser. The tweet revealing it simply says "SIGNAL DETECTED," and then plays an audio log. That said, what's noteworthy is who the audio log sounds like. If you're familiar with the Halo series, you'll know the voice sounds an awful lot like Atriox, the leader of the Banished. And this is particularly noteworthy, because a recent Halo Infinite toys leak seemingly revealed that Atriox and the Banished would be back for the new Halo game.

Meanwhile, towards the end of the teaser, the Banished logo seemingly flashes. Now, at the moment of publishing, neither Xbox or 343 Industries have confirmed that this is indeed what the teaser is, but it's unclear what else it could be other than a possible misdirection.

For those that don't know: Atriox is a powerful Jiralhanae warmaster and the current leader of the Banish, an ultra-violent faction of ex-Covenant mercenaries and rogues that use to fight on the behalf of the Covenant before Atriox was banished after thwarting his own execution. Since being banished, he's amassed a large and deadly following, however, in recent times, his power has been tested, shaken, and in some regards, reduced.

Halo Infinite is slated to release worldwide something holiday season via the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC. Meanwhile, Xbox has confirmed we will see and hear much more about the game in July at Xbox's big Xbox Series X games event, which doesn't currently have a specific date.

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