New Halo Infinite Update Has More Bad News

343 Industries and Xbox have shared a new Halo Infinite update and it's almost exclusively bad news. The update begins by revealing that Season 2, dubbed Lone Wolves, is releasing on May 3rd. Does this mean that co-op campaign and Forge mode are finally releasing on May 3 after being pitched for Season 2? No, because they've both been delayed, again. That's right, after delaying this very roadmap earlier in the year, 343 Industries has dropped the roadmap just to reveal the two things everyone has been waiting for have been delayed again. 

 To make up for this, a new Arena map named Catalyst is being added, as is a new BTB map named Breaker. These are new and original multiplayer maps. In addition to this, a free-for-all elimination mode will release with Season 2, plus a brand-new mode dubbed Land Grab. 343 industries knows this isn't that exciting though, so it's bringing back King of the Hill like everyone has been asking for.

So, when are co-op campaign and Forge mode now scheduled for? Well, while everything above will be releasing at the launch of Season 2, the co-op campaign will come sometime later during the season. This is all 343 Industries says. Forge will take even longer, tentatively scheduled to release with Season 3, which doesn't have a release date or a release window.

In the more immediate future, new Season 1 content is coming soon in the form of a new event dubbed Tactical Ops. According to 343 Industries, this event will offer a variant of Tactical Slayer mode and new Mark VII core-focused rewards to grind out.

As you would expect, fans are excited for the return of King of the Hill, a mode the Halo community has been begging for since release. That said, one quick look at the replies and quote tweets to the tweet sharing the roadmap shows that another delay of co-op campaign and Forge mode has left many disappointed.


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