New Halo Infinite Teaser Released Ahead of Gameplay Reveal

Xbox and 343 Industries have released a new Halo Infinite teaser ahead of this Thursday's gameplay and campaign reveal, giving Xbox One, PC, and future Xbox Series X players another tantalizing taste before the big media and information blowout. Unfortunately, like a previous teaser released earlier this month, there's not much to this new one. It's vague and unrevealing, but it does have fans of Master Chief more excited than ever for Thursday.

As for the content of the teaser, it's a bit unclear. However, it does appear to vaguely show Master Chief's helmet, though this hasn't been confirmed. Of course, it's safe to assume there's some meaning to the teaser we can't see or understand at the moment. Further, it looks like this will be followed up by another teaser tomorrow, though that one will likely also be vague and surrounded by speculation.

As you would expect, the responses to the teaser have been all over the place. There's hype, there's speculation, there's cringe, there's fans sharing their expectations, and of course, some using the opportunity to incite some good ol' console war shenanigans.

Halo Infinite is set to release worldwide this holiday season via the Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. It's unclear if we will get a release date this Thursday, but we do know we will see its gameplay for the first time alongside our first look at its campaign.


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