Halo Infinite Delays Two Major Features Even Further

Halo Infinite has delayed two major features that are integral to the game even further than previously expected. Earlier this year, 343 Industries announced that campaign co-op and Forge mode both wouldn't be launching with Halo Infinite this December. Instead, co-op would be arriving upon the start of Season 2, while Forge would be added to coincide with Season 3. Sadly, 343 confirmed this week that Halo Infinite's inaugural season will be lasting longer than expected, meaning that each of these features have now been pushed back once again. 

Speaking to Eurogamer, 343 head Joseph Staten said that Season 1 of Halo Infinite will now be lasting until May 2022. Originally, this season was only thought to be lasting until early spring, with Season 2 then wrapping up near the start of the summer. Instead, this won't hold true any longer. 

"At the time that we talked about campaign co-op and Forge I said our goal is to ship campaign co-op in Season 2 and our goal is to ship Forge with Season 3," Staten explained in a new statement. "Yes, we are extending Season 1. So our goal still remains what I said before, which is to ship campaign co-op with Season 2 and Forge with Season 3. But those remain goals. Those remain targets. And we can't commit to any hard dates right now, because as we're seeing with this multiplayer beta, other things might move up in the priority stack for us."

As Staten alluded to, Halo Infinite has already been under a bit of fire from fans this week who have been diving into the game's multiplayer component. In particular, the Battle Pass progression in the game has been a point of frustration from many due to how long it takes to level up each tier. Fortunately, 343 quickly heard these complaints and has already pushed out some new tweaks to make progression that much easier. 

In a general sense, Halo Infinite won't fully launch until next month on December 8. When it does release, it will come to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC platforms. 

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