343 Industries Wants Halo Players' Feedback on Master Chief Collection

Halo Master Chief Collection

The Master Chief Collection is in the process of being updated, and 343 Industries are looking for players' feedback on which features should be added to the Halo collection.

When the Halo: Master Chief Collection first launched, it was riddled with bugs and other issues that severely impacted the experience. This was especially evident in the multiplayer component of the games, the part that most Halo players are looking to take part in anyway. However, with the release of the Xbox One X, 343 Industries is exploring ways that it can make the Master Chief Collection something that Halo players always wanted it to be.

In a Halo Waypoint post, 343 industries reached out to players with community manager Brian "ske7ch" Jarrard asking players what they want to see in the post-update collection. However, the community manager made it clear that just because someone pitches an idea and plenty of people back up the suggestion, it doesn't mean that it'll actually make its way into the collection.

"This is by no means a promise or a commitment to implement any of these ideas but more an exercise to better understand that IF there are opportunities to evaluate new feature(s), which ones are most wanted by the current community?" Jarrard said. "Again - please do not assume that any of these features would ever make it to MCC."

To help Halo fans figure out what they wanted most, Jarrard knocked a few things off the list right away by naming off some improvements that are already in the works. Visual and online improvements dedicated servers are just some of the areas that don't need mentioning as they were already detailed in the list below.

  • Networking and online improvements are already well underway, you don't need to pick that as your top new feature
  • Dedicated servers for all matchmade games is also already in the spec for the update work
  • Bringing MCC to PC isn't considered a feature - we know for sure there's a ton of demand for that, we've heard you there
  • Visual enhancements for Xbox One X are already in the current project scope

Plenty of suggestions for customization and multiplayer features have already been suggested by players, the full post found through Halo Waypoint.