First Halo TV Series Cast Photo Revealed By Showtime

Showtime revealed on Friday a new photo showing the main cast of its upcoming Halo series as the development of the TV series moves forward. While we’ve seen some of these cast members before, the tweet that included the image also shared an exciting development on the series with its followers. According to the tweet, the table reads have been completed and the production is about to officially begin on the new show.

The tweet in question with the image included that shows the main cast. We’ve seen these actors and actresses added to the cast periodically through different announcements, but this is the best look yet that we’ve received showing all of them together.

To see the developments that have been made on the Halo series in the past as different actors and actresses were added, you’ll have to look no further than the Halo on Showtime Twitter account that brought us this latest tweet. That’s where character castings have been revealed in the past as stars such as Natascha McElhone have been cast as Cortana. Pablo Schreiber, the actor known for his roles in shows such as Orange Is the New Black and American Gods, will take on the lead role of Master Chief.


News on the Halo front has been quiet since the last few cast announcements were made, so perhaps we’ll start seeing more on the show now that the cast photo has been shared and production has officially begun. Behind-the-scenes photos showing filming and the sets are often shared through the personal social media accounts of those involved with these projects, so perhaps we’ll see them there if not through the show’s official Twitter account.

The Halo TV series does not yet have a release date, but it’s supposed to consist of 10 episodes and will be presented on Showtime.

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