Gamers Pay Tribute To Harambe By Playing This Donkey Kong-esque Arcade Game


The people of Boise, Idaho just can't seem to let go of our lord and savior Harambe, the gorilla that was shot and killed after a child fell into his cage at a zoo. But it looks like even though Harambe may be gone here, he's not gone from our hearts. At least not with this Donkey Kong-inspired game that features everyone's favourite gorilla.

The game was created in a way that players can assume the role of Harambe themselves. How the game works centers around the player jumping around to catch falling food for points - but don't touch a child, because things take a dramatic turn for the worst, and quickly.

Harambe Kong was created by Boise resident programmer Tyler Saling. After a year of hard work with his partner Space Bar, the game is now completed and ready for people to play. Saling had this to say, "It's fun, it's great to produce something that people enjoy. It does validate my work and I want to continue to do that."

Like all things both in life in general and in gaming, not everyone is happy. Some are saying that it feels too "lifelike" and that since its based on true events, the fact that Harambe can die brutally in-game can hit a little close to home. Saling definitely has a response for those people, as he tells news news station Kxan, “I think someone who is ultimately offended by this game may need question themselves a little bit and maybe question their morals — why am I offended by a pixalized gorilla being shot.”

Right now the game is only available in a local arcade, but Saling did make it clear that he was looking to expand Harambe Kong into the world of both Xbox, and possible a mobile app as well.