Hearthstone Player 'Trump' Gets Influx of Followers on Twitter After the President's Ban

One Hearthstone player with a rather notorious name has found themselves gaining a whole lot of [...]

One Hearthstone player with a rather notorious name has found themselves gaining a whole lot of new followers this week on Twitter, but perhaps not for the reason they'd like. Following the banning of the United States President, Donald Trump, on the platform earlier this week, the Hearthstone player with the same name found many users gravitating towards their account.

Trump, which is the name of the Hearthstone player in question, reported recently that a variety of new users started following his account on Twitter following the suspension of Donald Trump on the platform. "Getting a lot of Twitter followers right now. I might not be who you're trying to follow," Trump tweeted out. "You're looking for the former president, not the Hearthstone player."

Trump's tweet immediately started to go viral and was able to amass over 10,000 retweets and nearly 180,000 likes after being posted. It was one of many viral tweets that have been circulating on the social media platform over the past few days that are associated with the departure from Donald Trump on the website. It's also uncertain how many new followers that Trump gained, but he's also surely one of the only verified accounts that remains on the platform and has this name.

This whole situation honestly makes me wonder if Trump has ever considered changing his name within the past few years or if he loves it for this specific reason. Clearly, sharing the name of the current President helped in this case though as he was able to gain a number of new followers over the past few days. I'm sure this isn't the only time that his account has seen an influx like this in recent years, too.

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