Henry Cavill Makes a Perfect Big Boss in 'Metal Gear Solid' Tribute

Bosslogic is at it again with re-imagining popular gaming franchises with even more popular celebrity names attached to the characters. From God of War, to the famed Witcher, it seems that no game will be left untouched. Which means it's as good of a time as any to show off the latest rendition starring Man of Steel's Henry Cavill as the ultimate Metal Gear Solid Big Boss.

Just yesterday we shared the artist's vision for Star Wars' Oscar Isaac as Snake but many might not have caught the other face in the series of renditions. We honestly didn't even recognize Cavill at first, which really goes to show the power of transformative effects:

You can see Cavill as the infamous Big Boss on the right - scars, haunted thousand yard stare and all. What makes these Bosslogic pieces of art so cool is that it really challenges how we see players. He has put so many famed actors in roles we usually could never see them in and somehow, he makes it work. It's a good testament to why we shouldn't be so quick to judge when casting rumors start floating around - you never know what the final product will be until it's ready.

If someone would have told me 'Superman' would make a phenomenal Big Boss, I would have laughed so hard until I cried. But looking at him now? I'm not so sure there's anything funny about it - he looks just like how he does in the games and how I would imagine the character in real life.

For anyone that is enthralled by "Bosslogic" as I am, you should definitely check out his print store right here. He's amazing, interpretive, and amazing with blending his own ideas with what is already out there.