HeroQuest May Be Making a Comeback

heroquest hed
(Photo: Milton Bradley)

HeroQuest looks to be making a comeback. Avalon Hill recently posted a new HeroQuest website that consists solely of a countdown to Tuesday September 22nd at 12 PM ET. A verified Twitter account for HeroQuest was also discovered with the description that HeroQuest was a "board game of high adventure in a world of magic." No other details are currently available about the game as of press time.

HeroQuest was first published in 1989 as a collaboration between Games Workshop and Milton Bradley as a fantasy dungeon crawl-style game with a "1 vs. all" style of play. One player served as the gamemaster, who determined the dungeon's layout, the quest, and controlled the monsters, while the rest served as heroes. Players could move and take a single action on their turn, with attack success determined by rolling 6-sided dice. Individual quests usually formed part of a larger storyline, making HeroQuest an early "campaign-style" games. Two video games for HeroQuest were released in 1991 and 1994 respectively.

Fans have speculated about a HeroQuest revival since earlier this year, when a trademark for "HeroQuest Legacies" was filed by Restoration Games. Restoration Games specializes in updating classic board games, having turned old classics like Fireball Island and Dark Tower into modern games. Notably, the company's Chief Restoration Officer Rob Daviau has a working relationship with Avalon Hill, having designed both Betrayal on House on the Hill and the more recent Betrayal Legacy for the game.

Should the announcement be for a HeroQuest Legacies, we can probably expect a campaign-style adventure game that mixes the Legacy-style use of permanently changing game pieces while advancing a story.

We'll report more on HeroQuest's potential revival when more news breaks. ComicBook.com has reached out to Avalon Hill for more information as well.