Hexy Studio's Animal Tribe Leader Game Uluk Now Live On Kickstarter

Hexy Studio's latest game is titled Uluk, and the game is now live on Kickstarter. Uluk is a Eurogame that tasks you with leading your tribe of animals and managing their happiness as they hunt and gather resources to turn into food, build monuments, and utilize special locations within the village to prepare for the next season and the challenges those bring. The campaign also includes the Uluk Wrath of the Gods Uluk Ancestral Spirits expansions, which add new types of cards to the mix. Uluk has already surpassed its goal but still has 6 days to go, so if you're interested in jumping into the new game you can check out the full Kickstarter campaign right here.

The game takes around 60 minutes to play and accommodates 1 to 4 players, and the core set comes with 36 Triber Pawns split into four different colors. If you back the All In set you can also get an exclusive monument set included, though you can also add that set on to any other pledge. You can also add the expansions individually as well.

(Photo: Hexy Studio)

The game is split into six seasons, which act as rounds, and a season is split into six phases. Those phases are the Errand Phase, Harvest Phase, Processing Phase, Feeding Phase, Ecology Phase, and Clean-Up Phase. You'll place your Tribers on the main board to obtain specific resources, and you can also send your Tribers to Monument construction sites or hunting and gathering areas, as well as the village. You'll then gather those resources during the Harvest Phase and place them on your Tribe Board.

The Processing Phase allows you to process the raw resources and turn them into food or poison. There are different types of food that will make your Tribers happy, and poison will make your hunting more efficient. The Feeding Phase has you spending food to feed your Tribe and earn Happiness Points, and you can suffer penalties if you don't feed everyone. Successfully feeding everyone will also allow your Tribers to reproduce, gaining more Tribers for future seasons. The Ecology Phase has you adjusting Harvest Levels, which can affect futgure seasons, and then in the Clean-Up Phase you'll build Monuments and prepare for the next season.

You can find the official description for Uluk below.

"Elders say that our world is a fruit of the sacred uluk tree. No humans have ever stepped on this magical land, and you are the leaders of its hunter-gatherer tribes of sentient animals, collecting food, developing inventions, and erecting monuments in honor of the ancient gods to fulfill their spiritual needs. The winner in this competition will ensure happiness and well-being for their tribe members and will be praised as the archleader of all the tribes!"

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