Hideo Kojima Reveals Alternate Title for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake

Hideo Kojima has revealed an alternate title for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. Although more people are most familiar with Metal Gear Solid, a series that began on the original PlayStation in the late 90s and ran up until 2015 with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, there are a lot of people that don't know the series stretches back much further. Metal Gear began in the 80s and spawned two sequels before Metal Gear Solid was released. There's a lot of important history in these games and they're a major piece of the puzzle when it comes to understanding characters like Solid Snake.

Hideo Kojima has revealed a new piece of trivia for Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake's title for the game's 32nd anniversary. The legendary developer noted that he wanted a "title in the style of 'Indiana Jones' only with the name of the main character", meaning the game seemingly would've just been called Solid Snake, which is a pretty sick title, to be honest. Kojima was convinced by the sales team that it would be better if the game directly referenced the Metal Gear franchise in the title. This makes a lot of sense given players likely wouldn't know there's a predecessor and those looking for a sequel may think Solid Snake is something else entirely. Nevertheless, Kojima would embrace this kind of pattern for future game titles in the series.

Hideo Kojima loves to give bits of trivia on his games, something that fans eat up quite a bit. Just recently, Hideo Kojima revealed he was working on a superhero game that was somewhat similar to the Amazon series The Boys. Kojima had actually avoided watching much of the show until the game was scrapped as he didn't want the show to influence the game too heavily. As of right now, Hideo Kojima is working on a brand new cloud-based game with Xbox, but nothing else is known about it.

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