Hideo Kojima Teases New Projects and a "Big" Game

Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding is just a few months old now, but as we've seen, the creator is already working on his next game. We still don't know what that game will be like and probably won't for a while if Death Stranding's development was any indication, but Kojima did shed some light on some of his plans for future projects in a recent Famitsu interview. He discussed the plans to tackle smaller games and one "big" game Kojima Productions will work on as well as the idea of pursuing projects in other mediums like anime, movies, and manga.

DualShockers reported on the conversations Kojima and Kojima Productions artist Yoji Shinkawa had with Famitsu in the magazine's latest issue that included a feature on Kojima's company. Kojima talked about the studio's plans for future projects and said Kojima Productions is planning to work on multiple games, though specifics of course weren't given on what those were. Kojima did say however that one of these games will be a "big" one. Aside from that big game, Kojima said he was interested in pursuing smaller games like episodic stories or ones that would only be available digitally, though he's unsure how he'd balance that with the work on the larger game.

Outside of just talking about games, Kojima once again entertained the idea of working in different types of entertainment like movies or anime. He mentioned that the recent Death Stranding didn't have many mecha elements to it and that he'd like to give Shinkawa an opportunity to work on something that did. The two mentioned utilizing this concept in an anime project, and Kojima also said he'd like to make a movie using some of Shinkawa's designs. The two also discussed the idea of working on a manga project together.

Those who have followed Kojima's comments from the past will recall he's already said before that Kojima Productions will start making films in the future. He said at the time that if you can do one thing well, "then you can do everything well," which shows why he's confident in pursuing such a diverse array of projects as he mentioned in the interview.

As for his Kojima Productions games, Kojima first teased his next project before 2019 concluded. While others were out for the holidays, Kojima said he was working on "the next concept" in the office.


Death Stranding is currently available for the PlayStation 4 and is scheduled to come to the PC platform in the summer.