Dissect South Park: The Fractured But Whole in One Minute With Hilarious Lore Video

There's a hilarious YouTube channel simply called Lore that makes animated restylings of some of [...]

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There's a hilarious YouTube channel simply called Lore that makes animated restylings of some of our favourite video games to break down their lore in under a minute. Always hilarious, the material ranges from RPGs, to horror games, even titles of the more philosophical variety. This ... is not one of those philosophical entries. Instead, we're breaking down South Park: The Fractured But Whole with the latest "Lore in a Minute" video!

In case you're not in a safe place to listen about farts and the epic vigilante crew with Cartman at the helm, here's a transcript of the video above thanks to the Lore crew:

In the small mountain town of South Park, Colorado, the New Kid, known only as Douchebag, assembled a group of fighters, thieves, mages and Jews and saved the town from a Nazi Zombie Virus. Terrified of its awesome power, the group then threw the Stick of Truth into Stark's Pond and decided to play something else.

Meanwhile, in cinemas across the country, superhero franchises were turning billion dollar profits. To cash in on the trend, Eric Cartman, in vigilante guise as The Coon, assembled the young heroes of South Park in his basement to start a Three-Phase cinematic universe. His plans are thwarted by none other than Professor Chaos and his army of fake news journalists, and because adults can't distinguish what's real and what's totally made up, both the town and Cartman's investors actually believe Coon and Friends… do the things they're accused of doing.

Coon and Friends eventually restore their reputation by spreading fake news about Mark Zuckerberg, forcing him to take down Facebook. Now all that's left is to kickstart their cinematic universe with Netflix because they'll greenlight anything!

Unfortunately, the boys couldn't agree on who would get their own films, so Mysterion, Tupperware, Wonder Tweek and Toolshed left to create a competing cinematic universe as The Freedom Pals. Launched straight into a Phase 3 Superhero Civil War, it's up to you -- the new kid -- to harness your farts and infiltrate The Freedom Pals.

We've covered some of these hilarious videos in the past, like the hilarious Star Wars Battlefront II breakdown here. To see even more of their hilarity, you can check out their channel right here to pick your specific flavor of lore-y goodness!