Hitman 3 Adds Massive New Pirate Island in Latest Update

Although Hitman 3 was announced as the end of the current series that IO Interactive has been doing and it was expected that the team would move on to Project 007, IO couldn't resist continuing Agent 47's story in some capacity. Hitman 3 is getting a second year of content, which includes all new missions and locations that continue to expand on the gritty world of Hitman. Given the reputation the series has for its big sandbox levels, IO has likely spent a lot of time trying to craft a special new map for its second year of content and it is finally here.

As part of a free update to Hitman 3 that is now available, players now have access to a location known as "Ambrose Island", which is a pirate island located in the Andaman Sea. The mission takes place before the events of Hitman 3 and sees Agent 47 exploring the coves, rickety bridges, and jungles of the isolated pirate haven. Players are tasked with neutralizing Noel Crest, the leader of a group of notorious thieves, and Akka, who is known as the "pirate queen". The new update also includes new weapons including some kind of fishing hook, a grenade with a poisonous frog trapped inside, a machete, and many more, so there's no shortage of ways to take down those that stand in your way. The map is free for owners of the game and those who are playing Hitman 3 through Xbox Game Pass. All players have to do is make sure their game is up to date to access it.

Not only is it surprising that IO Interactive is still supporting Hitman 3, but it's even more surprising that it's at such a large scale and for free. For those who can't wait for Project 007 and are yearning for more Agent 47 adventures, IO Interactive is ensuring you won't be starved. It remains to be seen if the developer will release any more massive levels.

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