Hitman Developer IO Interactive Sets Date for New Project Reveal

Hitman developer IO Interactive is working on a new project, and very soon, we’ll know what that next game will be. The developer announced this week it plans to unveil its new project on November 19th at 6 a.m. PT to give everyone their first look at whatever it is the team has been working on. The announcement for the announcement was devoid of any other teasers about what the game might be, so everyone will have to tune in Thursday morning to see what’s coming.

IO Interactive confirmed its plans to announce its new project this week in a preview of the reveal shared on Wednesday. All it did was set the time and date for the reveal and linked to the developer’s YouTube channel which is where the reveal will take place.

With so little details to go off of, the speculation about what the project might be began immediately in the replies. Some questioned whether the game would be an exclusive to any one platform or PC storefront while others hoped it wouldn’t and that the game would be widely available, whatever it may be.

While IO Interactive is by now best known for its Hitman games, it does not seem like this new project is going to be one of the traditional titles people would expect from that franchise. Instead, there’s good reason to believe that this game will be a new IP IO Interactive is working on. It was confirmed back in 2019 during a Noclip documentary that the IO Interactive team was working on a new Hitman game as well as “something new.” It’s likely this project to be revealed this week is that something.


“Earlier this year IO Interactive opened up a new studio across the bridge in Malmo, Sweden,” the Noclip documentary about the Hitman franchise and its developer said. “And while much of the team is working on new Hitman content, and looking ahead to the third game, one that IO says may once again go episodic, the majority of the studio in Copenhagen is working on something secret, and rather excitingly, something new.”

Regardless of what this new project is and when it’ll be available, Hitman fans at least have a new Hitman game to look forward to soon. Hitman 3 is currently scheduled for a January 20, 2021, release date on multiple platforms and will be playable in full in PlayStation VR.