Horizon Forbidden West Reveals New Story Trailer

With almost exactly one month left until release, Guerrilla Games and PlayStation have today revealed a new trailer for Horizon Forbidden West. Over the past few weeks, a number of new trailers for the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn have started to emerge, giving us a better idea of what the game will have in store. Rather than showing off any new gameplay in today's latest video, though, Guerrilla Games opted to give fans a glimpse into what the narrative of Horizon Forbidden West will have to offer. 

In full, the new story trailer for Horizon Forbidden West is three minutes in total and features a number of cutscenes that will appear in the title. It also better explains Aloy's goal in the game, which is to travel to the titular Forbidden West in the pursuit of rectifying a problem that has arose within her home. While on her adventure, many of Aloy's companions from Horizon Zero Dawn will be making their return, but Forbidden West will also introduce a number of new characters as well.

You can view the new trailer in the tweet attached below if you're interested:

Speaking more to the new faces that will be seen in Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games' narrative director Ben McCraw spoke a bit more about this. In a write-up that appeared on the PlayStation Blog, McCraw teased some of these characters and other dangers that Aloy will come across this time around. "The next chapter of Aloy's story begins on February 18, and she'll face a storm of new threats: a world-ending blight, Regalla and her rebels, Sylens and his machinations… plus many new dangers that have yet to be revealed," McCraw said. "But as she ventures into the frontier of the Forbidden West, Aloy won't face these perils alone. She'll be joined by companions both fresh and familiar, including stalwarts like Varl and Erend, along with new allies like Zo, Alva, and Kotallo. Today we're proud to present our new story trailer, which offers an exciting peek at what lies in store for Aloy and her friends as they venture into the Forbidden West."

As McCraw mentioned, Horizon Forbidden West is set to finally arrive next month on February 18. And while it will most prominently be available on PlayStation 5, it will also be coming to PlayStation 4 as well. 

Where is your excitement level at for Horizon Forbidden West after watching this new trailer? And will you be picking up the game at launch when it drops next month? Let me know all of your own thoughts either down in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.