Horizon Zero Dawn Gets Surprising New PC Update

An unexpected update for Horizon Zero Dawn has released today for those on PC. While a number of fans are surely more focused on the launch of Horizon Forbidden West on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 next month, developer Guerrilla Games has continued to support the first entry on PC since it released in 2020. And even though there aren't a drastic number of new tweaks in today's new update, it continues to improve the core game in some vital ways. 

As a whole, this new update for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC rectifies a number of visual problems that have been transpiring with the game. Some of these fixes include improvements to VRAM management, clipping, and other assets that appear in the game world. In addition, Guerrilla has also fixed a problem that was associated with certain AMD graphics cards that were causing problems. Again, the update isn't a vast one by any means, but it makes Horizon Zero Dawn far more accessible on a number of different PC setups.

The main reason why it's great to see this update come about in the first place is because there are surely a number of people looking to catch up on Horizon Zero Dawn before Forbidden West releases. And while many of these players might be experiencing the game on PS4 or PS5, it's good to see that Guerrilla isn't forgetting about those who might play via PC rather than on a console. 

If you would like to get a look at the new patch notes for today's PC update of Horizon Zero Dawn, you can find them in full down below. 

  • Improved VRAM management when changing resolution or upscale mode, which could cause performance issues that were only fixed by restarting the game

  • Fixed various assets using the wrong quality level while using DLSS/FSR

  • Fixed visual artifact issue when clipping the camera through a surface like pushing against a wall (ie with large FOVs or ultrawide screens) while using DLSS/FSR

  • Fixed visual corruption and reduced foliage flickering issues on certain AMD GPUs