Horizon Zero Dawn Sequel Reportedly in the Works for PS5

A second Horizon Zero Dawn game is reportedly in the works from Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla Games with plans also in place to turn the franchise into a trilogy, according to recent reports. VGC reported on the supposed Horizon Zero Dawn plans and cited “multiple sources,” unnamed, with the information put forward about what Sony apparently wants to do with the game. The sequel to the first game is said to already be in the works and has been in development for a while now and is supposedly targeting a release on the PlayStation 5 after Sony’s next-gen console releases.

While details are understandably slim on a game which hasn’t even been confirmed yet, VGC said the sequel that’s currently being referred to as Horizon Zero Dawn 2 began its development shortly after the first game’s release. It was also supposed to be released for the PlayStation 4, according to the report, but the thinking now is that development has been shifted with the PlayStation 5 in mind. It’s supposed to be much bigger than the first game while allowing players more freedom.

There’s also supposedly some sort of co-op feature planned for the game as well. Guerrilla Games has reportedly entertained the idea of a co-op game preview for the sequel with its progress carrying over to the full release, though it’s unclear if that plan is still in the works.

No word on what a Horizon trilogy might look like was shared other than the fact that the game’s creators are currently planning to turn the single game into a trilogy.

For those who played Horizon Zero Dawn and those who saw its reception, it shouldn’t be surprising to imagine that there’s a sequel to the game in the works anymore than it would be to hear that there’s another God of War and The Last of Us game happening. The game was received exceptionally well both for its graphics and gameplay, and Aloy quickly became a fan-favorite among Sony’s collection of first-party protagonists.


There have also been numerous job listings going up lately for positions within Guerrilla Games which called for people to work on various parts of games like NPCs and creatures. The listings also advertised the PlayStation 5, though at this point in the PlayStation 4’s life cycle, it makes sense that a new Horizon game would be shooting for a PlayStation 5 release.

Neither Sony nor Guerrilla Games have confirmed anything about a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.