Did PlayStation Just Accidentally Confirm Another PS5 Exclusive?

Did Sony-owned studio Guerrilla Games just accidentally confirm another PS5 exclusive? Some PlayStation fans seem to think so. Today, on Twitter, Guerrilla Games posted about a new job opening at the studio. Not long after the tweet went out though, it was deleted. Why? Well, Guerrilla Games doesn't say, but it appears to be because of the PS5 hashtag used. For those that don't know: Guerrilla Games used to be the studio best known for Killzone, however, these days it's best known for Horizon Zero Dawn, its new open-world action-RPG that debuted this generation to big sales and critical acclaim.

If there's a safe bet to put on the PS5, it's that Horizon Zero Dawn 2 will release on it. In fact, it's probably already in development, and according to the grapevine, it's actually further along in development than some think. And this makes sense. The Decima engine provides some of the best visuals in gaming. In other words, what better way to showcase the graphics possible on the PS5 than showing off Decima running on the console?

That aside, the now deleted Twitter post doesn't make any reference to Horizon Zero Dawn 2, but it's accompanied by what looks like a screenshot of the first game. It's possible the job listing isn't for Horizon Zero Dawn 2 though. It could be for a new Killzone. However, the current rumblings suggest a new Killzone game is not in development. There has been rumblings of a SOCOM reboot though, so this lsiting could be for this. However, at this point, the safer bet is Horizon Zero Dawn 2.

(Photo: Reddit)

Not only is a sequel to the popular 2017 game the most likely game to come out of Guerrilla Games next, but another recent job listing seemingly gave away that the game is already well into development.


At the moment of publishing, Sony and Guerrilla Games have not commented on this supposed leak, and it's likely the pair won't. As a result, PlayStation fans are left with nothing but speculation, and because we have nothing but speculation, it's best to take everything here with a grain of salt.

The PlayStation 5 is set to release sometime this holiday season. To continue reading about the console, see the relevant links below: