Horizon Zero Dawn Earns Coveted WGA Writer Award

Horizon Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games’ Horizon Zero Dawn isn’t just an epic action game, but also a well-written epic action game, with the kind of story that keeps you enthralled to the very end, and through The Frozen Wilds’ expansion. Thanks to that quality level of writing, the team has earned a cherished honors during the Writers Guild Awards earlier this week.

The team managed to take home the Writers Guild Award for best video game writing, beating out the likes of Dishonored: Death of the Outsider, Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow and Madden NFL 18’s story mode, Longshot.

Narrative director John Gonzalez accepted the award on behalf of the team, accompanied by lead writer Benjamin McCaw. They thanked their devoted writers for putting together such a great story for the game, which has been one of its biggest draws since its release. “As writers who care deeply about the craft of telling stories, it’s incredibly exciting for us to be receiving this award in the company of so many other writers whose work we admire and appreciate,” noted Gonzalez, according to GamesIndustry International.

Following the acceptance, Gonzalez also acknowledged two very important women in his and McCaw’s lives – their mothers, Ann Gonzalez and Susan McCaw. “It is no coincidence that their sons went on to write an epic with a strong female protagonist in which human love in general, and maternal love in particular loomed so large,” said Gonzalez. “We learned that from them. This is from them. Thank you, they are not forgotten.”

The writing staff consists of many talented members, including Anne Toole, Dee Warrick, and Meg Jayanth, along with the development crew at Guerrilla Games. Of course, the voice cast, led by Ashley Burch, did their stuff as well, bringing the dialogue to new heights as players took on bigger and badder challenges alongside the main heroine in the game, Aloy.

The game has managed to sell pretty well since its launch, and continues to do so with a complete edition now available online and at retail. If you haven’t checked it out just yet, please make sure you do so. It’s amazing.

Horizon Zero Dawn is available now for PlayStation 4.