How 'Pokemon GO' Led to a Beautiful Marriage

Pokemon GO is a mobile adventure perfect for those Pokemon fans that always dreamed of becoming a trainer in real life. Through the magic of AR, those dreams can come true (sort of) but apparently, it can also lead to marriage. At least in the case of these two Pokemon GO players.

Shibu and Lily first met each other in Odaiba, Tokyo. The reason behind meeting? The mobile Pokemon GO game from Niantic! They quickly fell in love, bonded over adorable little pocket monsters, and just recently cemented their love in holy matrimony. Even more fitting? Their wedding was completely Pokemon GO-themed:

Even Niantic Japan gave the newly wed couple their own version of "congratulations":

It's pretty adorable to see the Pokemon GO love come full-circle and goes to show the power of an enjoyable game and what it can mean to the community. Not every adventure has to be "the next big thing" to be fun and you never know what a game can mean to someone on a personal level.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

In other Pokemon GO news, the mobile adventure recently added a new way to evolve with the Sinnoh Stone. Our very own Poke-expert detailed how to get the Sinnoh Stone in order to start that evolutionary process on an effective note.

According to our own Christian Hoffer, "So far, the only way to collect a Sinnoh Stone is by collecting a Research Breakthrough, a reward given out for completing Field Research tasks on seven separate days."

Though they are a little harder to get to than other features in the game, it does provide a challenge and a worthwhile goal to justify the grind. What better way to keep players engaged than by giving them a challenge to achieve?


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