HQ Trivia Player Wins $20,000, Doesn't Receive Payout

HQ Trivia
(Photo: Twitter)

Many people who take to their mobile devices to enjoy video games have likely heard of HQ, the live trivia game show that allows players the opportunity to win some serious cash. On a daily basis, a host pops up within the app to kick off the show, players on iOS and Android devices can play to earn real money. However, when one player by the name of Alex Jacob, who some may recognize from Jeopardy! and US Poker championships on ESPN, recently won big on the mobile app, he didn't receive the money that he had won.

Jacob won $20,000 on June 10th while playing HQ Trivia. The next day, he shared a screenshot on Twitter of his request to cash out on his winnings, which stated that he would "receive an email with further instructions shortly." Unfortunately, that never happened. He recently took to Twitter once again, now a month later, to state that he has yet to hear anything from HQ about his payment.

A lot of other HQ Trivia players took to the above tweet to share their stories and also get the attention of HQ, which has been unsuccessful so far. Other players shared similar tales of not receiving their winnings, while others stated that they had been able to cash out in the past, with varying amounts from $2 to hundreds of dollars. Needless to say, something is definitely wrong.

Following the departure of the original host for the game as well as the tragic death of the co-founder and CEO Colin Kroll, the company seems to be doing everything they can to regain momentum, including announcing a subscription plan for HQ Words that would feature "bigger prizes" (via TechCrunch). In addition to this, seven employees were recently laid off, cutting their staff by 20%.


We have reached out to HQ for further comment on the situation and will keep you updated should they choose to respond.