Hyper Scape Update Adds New Weapon and Highly-Requested Feature

Ubisoft has revealed the patch notes ahead of Hyper Scape's big Season 2 update, revealing that a new weapon is coming to the game, a variety of highly-requested features, new hacks, a plethora of improvements and gameplay changes, and much more. The highlight of the update is going to vary player from player, but content-wise the most notable part of the update is the addition of the Atrax: a full auto-rifle that fires sticky explosive projectiles.

"The Atrax is a full-auto rifle that shoots sticky explosive projectiles," reads a description of the weapon. "The chemical projectiles from the Atrax will detonate instantly when hitting a Contender, but when hitting an environment surface, they will instead stick to it and detonate shortly after. Any enemy target caught within the Area of Effect of the explosion will suffer damage and a short slowdown effect. The Atrax is an efficient and versatile weapon, but it has a very limited magazine clip size, so watch your ammo count closely!"

  • Damage Across Fusion: 20/22/24/26/29
  • Clip size Across Fusion: 5/5/5/5/5
  • Rate of Fire: 170 RPM
  • Explosion AoE: 4.5R
  • Slowdown Effect: MOVEMENT -20% (0.75S)
hyper scape

In addition to a new gun, the update brings back the Magnet hack and prepares the game for a limited-time hack dubbed Platform, which will allow players to deploy a small platform near them. This of course makes the hack perfect for maintaining verticality.

The update also adds a new ranking system, an instant melee controller option, and a feature players have been asking for since launch: an auto-sprint option.


All of this is just the tip of the iceberg though. For a full rundown on the update, including its full patch notes, click here.

Hyper Scape is available, for free, via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, and soon it also be available via the PS5 and Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, there's still no word of a Nintendo Switch port.

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