Injustice 2 Watchtower LIVE: Hellboy In-Depth Gameplay Reveal

Today's a big day for fans of the hit fighting game Injustice 2. Not only are they able to play the PC game free of charge with an open beta starting today, but they're also going to get a good look at the latest addition to the game's roster – Hellboy!

NetherRealm Studios, the developers behind the hit game, will be showcasing the final member of the Fighter Pack 2 DLC pack today during a live stream, which you can watch above. It'll be a good chance to see the hellish hero in action as he pounds opponents with his rock fist and uses firearms to hit them from a distance. He's got plenty of other cool attacks lined up as well, including an Ultimate that will literally take you to hell and back. Because Hellboy, duh.

The stream is scheduled to start at 3PM Central, but they're always a little late. If it's not showing up, refresh this page.

In addition, during the stream, NetherRealm will also be discussing a new upcoming balance patch that should make things a little smoother, since some characters are a bit overpowered over others. We'll let you know whatever details the company divulges during the live stream.

Hellboy is set to make his debut in Injustice 2 starting next week, November 14th, for Season Pass holders, and will be made available to everyone else starting November 21st. After that, we should start to see details on the third Fighter Pack that will kick off next month, featuring The Atom as the debut fighter, with two more combatants that are yet-to-be-revealed, though NetherRealm is promising a huge surprise to fans. (We're taking bets that it could be Todd McFarlane's Spawn, though the surprise could be even bigger than that.)


For now, though, we get to enjoy the antics of Hellboy and everything he brings to the table, and also get to pit him against a number of DC Comics' best combatants. For that matter, we'll have to see if he can heat up the waters that Aquaman brings. Or, for that matter, put him in a battle against Atrocitus to see who's the, ahem, bigger hothead.

Injustice 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and releases on November 14th for PC.