IShowSpeed Ends Stream Abruptly After Flashing Viewers

YouTuber IShowSpeed accidently exposed himself to viewers during a Five Nights at Freddy's stream.

YouTuber and content creator IShowSpeed ended his stream quickly this week after finding himself in the unfortunate situation where he inadvertently exposed himself to his many viewers. The incident in question happened during a stream involving Five Nights at Freddy's and an over-the-top reaction to one of the game's characters, Chica. The stream where he exposed himself and flashed viewers has since been removed from his channel with no VODs of it available there.

During his stream, IShowSpeed came up upon Chica during a jumpscare moment, and after sharing his own comments about Chica, but the stream got much more NSFW than his quips soon after that. IShowSpeed stood up and started thrusting towards the camera which led to him exposing his penis momentarily.

After the incident happened, IShowSpeed sat down saying "oh my God" and looked panicked while he clicked around on his PC before ending the stream. As mentioned previously, all traces of the incident have been removed from his YouTube channel, but the same can't be said for other social media platforms. TikTok, Twitter, and other forms of social media have already played host to the video of the incident thousands of times over (we won't be including it here for obvious reasons) with people moving well past the shock of it all and into the meme stage. "IShowSpeed" and NSFW variations of his name trended on Twitter for the better part of Wednesday night and have continued to stick around since then, so the incident's clearly not going away anytime soon.

Twitch bans are something that we hear about more frequently, but IShowSpeed creates content on YouTube, so he'll be governed by that platform's guidelines. Nudity is out of the question at all times on Twitch, but YouTube is more of a grey area since its guidelines prohibit instances of nudity and pornography that are "meant for sexual gratification," and this particular incident was accidental.

Neither IShowSpeed nor YouTube have commented on the matter yet.