Just Cause Movie Gets Director

The movie adaptation of the video game franchise Just Cause has now brought on Michael Dowse as a director. Dowse is known as the director of Coffee & Kareem and Stuber and will join Derek Kolstad in working on the film, Kolstad known for his work as the writer of the John Wick movie series. Additional details about the film’s plot were also shared in a report from Deadline and indicated that the film would follow the foundation laid out by the games. Casting decisions have not yet been announced, and the movie adaptation of the games does not yet have a release date.

Kolstad’s and now Dowse’s Just Cause movie was first confirmed to have the writer on board in May. It’s being produced by Constantin Film’s Robert Kulzer, Prime Universe Film’s Adrian Askarieh with Kolstad also serving as a producer. Square Enix, the publisher responsible for the video game series, will be involved as an executive producer alongside Constantin’s Martin Moszkowicz.

According to newer details shared about the film, it’ll follow the paths laid out by the franchise of games which starred protagonist Rico Rodriguez. The film will have a female co-lead, but again, casting decisions have not yet been announced.

News that the movie will stick to the formula of the games will be welcome to those who recall the franchise fondly. Those involved with the project also already have experience working on films related to acclaimed video game series as well. Constantin Films is involved with the Monster Hunter movie which was just recently delayed to 2021. The company is also responsible for the Resident Evil franchise of movies. Askarieh was a producer for the Hitman movies which take after the well-known games of the same name and Kulzer was a producer involved with the Resident Evil franchise.


A total of four games exist in the Just Cause franchise. The first of them simply titled Just Cause was first released back in 2008 and was followed by numbered sequels several years afterwards. The most recent game in the series released was Just Cause 4 which made its debut in 2018. The games are centered around Rico Rodriguez who fills the role of a secret agent in an open-world setting filled with exploration and action as different organizations struggle for control.

The Just Cause movie adaptation does not yet have any casting info available nor does it have a release date.

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