Canadian PM Justin Trudeau Congratulates Cuphead for Game Awards


Following last night’s worldwide broadcast of The Game Awards, plenty of players, colleague and other people of note have reached out to congratulate those who took home the prize last night. One stand-out well-wisher among the crowd was Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, who took to his Twitter account earlier today to personally congratulate Studio MDHR for its two wins during the evening's showcase.

“Big night for the Canadians behind @StudioMDHR at @thegameawards last night,” wrote Trudeau, who went on to congratulate the studio for its wins in the Best Art Direction and Best Debut Indie Game categories. Trudeau is a video game fan and casual developer himself, so while it’s not exceptionally surprising, the move is a rare one. It’s not everyday that the leader of your country reaches out to drop you some kudos.

Studio MDHR’s Cuphead debuted this past September, and made headlines long before that for its imaginative art design and intense game play. WWG's own Robert Workman called the game a "diabolical rush of joy," saying that it pushes players to "to make you really work for your rewards, and when you get there, there’s no better feeling from it." In the game, players take on the role of Cuphead (with his pal, Mugman, around for some co-op action) to mow down bosses in a run n' gun adventure that grinds even the best speed runners into dust.

Cuphead is Studio MDHR’s debut title, and fans are anticipating that the studio will add even more content to the game shortly. Since its release, the game has seen an outpour of love from gamers and has stormed indie game charts by selling well over a million copies within its first two weeks of availability.