'Kingdom Hearts 3' Leak Reveals 'Hercules' World

A new Kingdom Hearts 3 leak coming from early screens of the next issue of V-Jump magazine show off the characters from Disney's Hercules and the return of Olympus.

Twitter user YonkouProductions shared the screenshot below that shows one of the pages of the next V-Jump issue with several characters featured prominently on the page. The Olympus world has been known to be a part of Kingdom Hearts 3 for a while now with the trailer above released back in 2017 to preview the world full of gods and demigods. Hercules himself made an appearance in the trailer as he helped Sora and the rest of the party fight the Heartless in Olympus, but we now get another look at his character along with Zeus, Hades, Meg, and Pegasus, the mythological, winged mount that Hercules bonds with in Disney's movie.

Not only did the V-Jump screen show off Olympus and the cast of Hercules, it also referenced Twilight Town, a location that's also been known about for a while with it being one of the earliest confirmations of worlds being in Kingdom Hearts 3. While many worlds in the Kingdom Hearts series and the third game come from different Disney films, Twilight Town is a world that's unique to the video game series. It's a large world that's appeared throughout the past few Kingdom Hearts games and will once again make a return in Kingdom Hearts 3, though Square Enix hasn't shared as much on that world yet with many of the trailer for the game focusing on different worlds like Monsters Inc. and Big Hero 6.

Several new Kingdom Hearts Pop figures were also recently unveiled, but the cast of the Hercules movie weren't among the figures. Sora took up most of the Pop figure reveals with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and other Kingdom Hearts characters also featured in the collection, though there's always a chance that Hercules, Pegasus, and the rest of the Olympus crew could get their own Pop figures at a later date.


Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts 3 is scheduled to release on January 25th for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.