‘Kingdom Hearts III’ Special Themed Keyblades Revealed

It’s not enough that you get to use a Keyblade in the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts III. Sometimes [...]

It's not enough that you get to use a Keyblade in the forthcoming Kingdom Hearts III. Sometimes you need several Keyblades to get the job done. Thankfully, Sora will have more than enough to use over the course of the game.


Today, Square Enix revealed the artwork for ten new Keyblades that you'll be able to use in the forthcoming sequel over on its recently returned Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, including some that are specially themed after worlds within it. That includes an awesome Toy Story Keyblade; a swift-looking Big Hero 6 Keyblade; and, yes, a Keyblade modeled after Monsters Inc., just because.

We've included all the pictures of the Keyblades below; and there are minor spoilers below in case you were looking to be surprised, so proceed with caution!

Let's take a look at which Keyblades you'll be able to pick up over the course of Kingdom Hearts III.

Kingdom 2

First up is the Kingdom Key Keyblade. Pretty general, but nice and shiny!

Kingdom 3

Next up is this peculiar Star Seeker-style Keyblade, one that's sure to stir up anyone's imagination…

Kingdom 4

Here's the Keyblade from Tangled, which resembles the tower that Rapunzel hangs out in.

Kingdom 5

Want to feel like a God as Hercules does? Then get your hands on the Mount Olympus Keyblade. By the power of Zeus!

Kingdom 6

Okay, now this Big Hero 6 Keyblade is just awesome. The only thing that would make it even more so is if it talked like Baymax. Maybe it does…

Kingdom 7

With this special Toy Story Keyblade with cowboy hat and cactus blade, it's clear you've got a friend in it, should the situation call for it.

Kingdom 8

This Monsters Inc. Keyblade may look like it's all business, but fans are bound to have fun with it anyway.

Kingdom 9

If it's a pirate's life for you, then this Pirates of the Caribbean themed Keyblade with steering wheel and mast should be just your speed. Savvy?

Kingdom 10

Covered in ice and featuring a sweet light blue polish, this Frozen Keyblade is so awesome that it may be hard to, ahem, "let it go."

Kingdom 11

And finally, Winnie the Pooh has his very own Keyblade. Alas, it doesn't taste sweet as honey, but as Tigger states, it's a wonderful thing.

No word yet on how you'll be able to unlock these Keyblades within the game, but something tells us that you'll earn them after completing each world, respectively. We'll let you know if Square Enix tells us the process on how to get them.

And who knows, there could be other Keyblades added to the game over time, depending what Square Enix decides to add to Kingdom Hearts III down the road. But this looks like a great collection; and we're honestly going to try out each one to see if they do something new or not. Like, say, if the Frozen one actually freezes enemies. We'd be fine with that.

We'll get to try these out soon enough, as Kingdom Hearts III releases on January 29 (yes, finally) for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

What Keyblade are you most excited to try out? Let me know on Twitter at @TheDCD!