League of Legends Announces 10th Anniversary Plans, Active User Numbers

League of Legends is turning 10 this year, a big milestone for a game that still regularly [...]

League of Legends is turning 10 this year, a big milestone for a game that still regularly attracts millions of players and holds a leading position in the esports scene. A celebration of the 10-year anniversary will take place on October 15th where Riot Games will share a special edition of its Riot Pls series. Expect to see some of the biggest moments from the history of the game highlighted during this celebration, Riot said, along with looks ahead to the future of the game and its new Teamfight Tactics mode.

Riot teased its plans for the celebration in a post on the League site where it announced that the events would kick off with the Riot Pls video that'll air at 6 p.m. PT on October 16th. Livestreams and events will also be held during the celebration, but the Riot Pls video was highlighted as one of the first parts of the anniversary to keep an eye on.

We don't know much about what'll revealed during the Riot Pls video, but getting a "glimpse of the future" seems like an intriguing part of the presentation for League players.

"In the 10th Anniversary Edition Riot Pls, we'll take a look back at our favorite League moments and share a glimpse of the future, including a first look at this year's preseason changes and TFT's next big content update," Riot said.

Another interesting bit of information which was shared within the 10-year anniversary announcement was the number of people that play League each day. Riot doesn't often reveal stats like this with one of the most notable times in the past coming from 2016 when Riot announced how many players played each month. The number was 100 million players at the time, and the new number has shifted to daily players instead. Riot said League reaches a concurrent player count of around 8 million people each day, a number that puts it ahead of many other leading games.

"That makes League the biggest PC game in the world—it's even bigger than the top ten games on Steam combined," Riot's announcement said.

The announcement for the League anniversary was a brief one with few specifics offered, but we can expect to see more about the plans leading up to the event itself in October. Gameplay footage which supposedly leaked appeared to show off a mobile version of the game and Riot is solidifying the stories of League with a physical lore book, so perhaps we'll see some new ways that the League universe will expand during this celebration.