League of Legends Reportedly Reached All-Time High for Players in April

A new report about revenue and player counts for hit games during the month of April said that League of Legends, Riot Games’ long-running MOBA hit, reached an all-time high for player numbers during April. SuperData reported this success of League in its April report while adding that the game similarly reached its highest level of revenue since February 2017. The milestones for this game and others were largely attributed to lockdowns resulting from the coronavirus pandemic which pushed people indoors and back to some of their favorite go-to games like League and Grand Theft Auto V which both had strong showings on the chart of top crossing titles in April 2020.

SuperData didn’t give specific numbers in its report, but the infographic shown below via the company’s April report showed League at the top of the rankings for the top grossing PC games from April. Dungeon Fighter Online and Crossfire were right behind it with familiar titles like Doom Eternal and Fortnite found within the rankings.

For consoles, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and the Final Fantasy VII Remake unsurprisingly took the top spot, each of those games released on the same day in April as platform exclusives.

SuperData April 2020
(Photo: SuperData)

Riot Games does not frequently publish information about player counts and revenue, so it’s unknown just how many players were active in the game last month. We reached out to Riot to see if it had any comment on the matter and were told that Riot had no comment at this time.


What we do know from Riot’s responses to players during the month of March and beyond is that players definitely returned to League in a big way during their time at home. On March 18th, Riot’s influencer manager Mel Capperino-Garcia tweeted that the game’s North American servers had reached 90% capacity with login queue times resulting from the influx. If the same happened elsewhere around the world, it’s no wonder that League would be working its way towards some record highs in April.

As for the current state of League and the near future, there’s a Pulsefire event going on now that should keep players invested for a while longer since it isn’t scheduled to end until June 15th. Volibear is on the way soon as the game’s latest rework as well, a rework that’s been underway since before the lockdowns hit and forced many people to work from home. Those working conditions have impacted some parts of the game though with announcer packs put on hold for now instead of releasing in Fall 2020 as originally planned.