League of Legends Reveals New Arcana Skins

Riot Games revealed some new League of Legends skins this week with five Arcana skins joining the thematic collection soon. Those five skins will be given to Ahri, Xayah, Rakan, Ryze, and Hecarim, a group of champions which always fluctuate in and out of popularity but just so happen to have stuck around lately as some prime picks in League. No Prestige Edition skins were announced at this time as they sometimes are when drops like this one are revealed, but League players will soon be able to try out these skins themselves as the cosmetics head to the PBE servers.

The five Arcana skins can be seen below courtesy of the League of Legends Twitter account which showed them off just as the game's socials typically do on the days before patches release. And for those who are newish to League following the release of Arcane, "Arcana" is not a typo here. These skins aren't connected to the Netflix show based off of League and are instead part of one of the many thematic universes represented within the game's various skin lines.

With these new skins now revealed, the Arcana lineup has grown to include nine skins in total. The others that make up the lineup include Camille, Lucian, Tahm Kench, and Xerath. Some Chromas exist for the four skins released previously, so there's reason to believe that we'll see Chromas released for these new ones, too, at least at some point.

Over on social media, we've started to see some of the splash arts for the skins released as well such as the one below that shows off Ahri. Prices for the skins were not specified in the announcement tweets, but the other Arcana skins go for 1,350 RP each, so expect to pay around that amount if you plan on picking one of these up.

If you do find yourself a bit short on RP whenever these skins go live, it might be worth checking out Riot's new promotion in partnership with Microsoft. Through the latter's Microsoft Rewards program, League gift cards awarding different amounts of RP can now be purchased. You won't be able to buy a skin with that program alone unless you've been putting in some serious work on Bing and Microsoft Edge, but they'll help you get a bit closer.