The Most Picked, Banned League of Legends Champions During NA LCS Week 2

A new League of Legends esports infographic that was recently released listed tons of stats for the second week of NA LCS including champions that were either picked or banned every game and those that won the most.

If you're looking to pick out a new champion for yourself based on who the pros are picking, the weekly infographics detailed the best stats of the week are the perfect place to look. In this past week of the NA LCS games, we saw several champions that were either picked for the majority of their games or were banned so much that they hardly got a chance to shine. Zoe is one champ in particular that the teams really didn't want to have to deal with, the mid laner being banned nine times while only making it through the ban phase to be picked just once.

NA LCS Infographic
(Photo: LoL esports)

As seen in the infographic above, Zoe wasn't the only champion that had a 100 percent pick/ban rate during the second week of NA LCS games. Ezreal and Zac were also either picked or banned every single game with Braum, Gnar, and Sejuani coming in close behind them with a 90 percent pick/ban rate across nine games each. Each of these champion are pretty much staples in pro games thanks to their reliable nature and teamfighting potential, but Zoe's still fairly new to the pro scene and is banned most of the time. The one game that she did get picked in during week 2 was an Echo Fox vs. TSM match when Echo Fox's FeniX chose here, the player going 8/1/13 to earn an Echo Fox win in a game that lasted almost an hour.

Aside from the champions that got picked the most, the full infographic also listed all the champions that had the highest win percentage while counting only those that played three or more games. Gangplank had the highest with the champ coming out victoriously in all five games he was picked alongside Taric with a perfect 4-0 rate.

The full infographic breaks down tons of additional interesting facts pertaining to the players, objectives taken, and various other areas, a full look at the sizeable weekly graphic seen here.