League of Legends: Changes to Malzahar's Update Schedule

Dark Star 2017: Singularity Trailer - League of... by WWGAfter the release of the latest League of [...]

Dark Star 2017: Singularity Trailer - League of...by WWG

After the release of the latest League of Legends champions, fans have been asking Riot why they can't take some time to work on some of their old forgotten favorites. Since then, Riot has come out and said that they'll be working on champions such as Rammus, Heimerdinger, and Malzahar. While the first two listed are still on track, you're going to have to wait a little longer before you get your hands on a reworked Malzahar.

"We've got a few larger adjustments underway at the moment to Rammus, Malz and Heimer," said Meddler, League of Legends Lead Gameplay Designer. "The Rammus and Heimer ones should be good to go in 7.10, we'll be holding the Malz ones till 7.11 (probably) however to take a bit more time to work on those. One likely change is adjusting the R so its damage is split between pool and beam, which amongst other things gives better counterplay when there are multiple enemies around (ability to interrupt) and therefore hopefully allows us to put a bit more power into its ratio."

So why the change in pace? It's unlike Riot to suggest or even bring up the possibility of a champion rework or major fix. According to Meddler, it's actually easier to do big chunks of work instead of a bunch of little fixes. "A little while back we decided we wanted to put more time into larger changes like Rammus/Heimer's, and less into a larger number of smaller adjustments. Thinking there was that small adjustments don't solve fundamental issues, so you in up in a perpetual cycle of whack a mole balance on problematic champions. Larger changes by contrast are more likely to lead to long term improvements in a champion's game health, making it easier to keep them balanced in the same way some champions seldom need balance work."

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