League of Legends Reveals the Long-awaited Dragon Master Swain

After what seemed like an eternal wait for Swain mains, the League of Legends champion is finally [...]

After what seemed like an eternal wait for Swain mains, the League of Legends champion is finally getting his Dragon Master Swain skin.

The new Dragon Master Swain skin for the recently reworked champion was first revealed through the German League of Legends account with a brief teaser video that showed a PBE preview for the skin. With a new recall, all new ability particles, and a dragon wing ultimate that replaces his normal raven wings, the skin looks like it's definitely worth the wait.

The reveal of the skin comes just before the reworked champion is expected to be released in the upcoming Patch 8.3 after spending time on the PBE for some hands-on testing. Dragon Master Swain marks the first skin that the esteemed general has received since 2012, the last one being his Tyrant skin released in May of that year.

Dragon Master Swain has become as much of a common request as it has a running joke over the years with League players. Like an Urgot rework and a sandbox-style training ground, it was something that many hoped for but never really banked on getting. However, there were a couple of signs that previewed this skin's arrival within the teasers for the reworked version of Swain.

Several weeks ago within the League of Legends subreddit, one player noticed that a new skin for Dragonslayer Xin Zhao was available in the store, an oddity seeing how the player already owned the skin and its chromas. When the skin was purchased, a comment with what some would confuse as a typo read "You've unlocked Dragonslayer Xin Zhao! Next time you play Swain, you can pick this skin in Champion Select." While this wasn't a confirmation of the new skin, the timing of the teaser with Swain's impending re-release was too good not to be true.

A release patch for Dragon Master Swain hasn't been revealed yet, nor has a price been announced, but expect the skin to spend some time on the PBE for testing before it's available for purchase.