'League of Legends' Twitch Prime Promotion for a Free Legendary Skin Shard Is Ending Soon

League of Legends partnered with Twitch to give players a free Legendary Skin Shard by linking [...]

League of Legends partnered with Twitch to give players a free Legendary Skin Shard by linking their game and Twitch Prime accounts together, but that promotion won't last much longer.

Riot Games announced the promotion back in October and said players could get themselves Summoner's Crown Capsule if they follow a few easy steps to link their accounts together. Players have had a while to get their Legendary Skin Shard from taking advantage of the promotion, and according to Riot Games' latest announcement, there's only one more day to get that Summoner's Crown Capsule.

Tweeting through the main League of Legends account, Riot Games said the first promotion between the game and Twitch Prime is scheduled to end on December 12th.

The prize inside the capsule is a skin shard and not a full Legendary skin though, so players will still have to spend essence on the shard to fully unlock it. The champion it belongs to will also have to be purchased separately either with in-game or premium currency, but lucky players will hopefully get a skin shard for a champion that's within their champion pool.

Players will need a Twitch Prime account to get the Capsule, but if they don't already have one, the setup is simple enough to get the account created and linked in no time. Riot Games' how-to page told players exactly what to do and said people can even start a free trial to get the Capsule and the Legendary Skin Shard. If you've already got a Twitch Prime account (Amazon Prime users have a Twitch Prime account included in their subscription by default) you can link the accounts here and can then claim your Skin Shard by signing into your Twitch Prime account and selecting "Claim Offer."

Though this promotion is almost over, it doesn't mean it's the end of the partnership between Riot Games and Twitch. In a blog post explaining how the promotion would work, Twitch said there would be more loot opportunities next year.

"Riot Games and Twitch Prime have teamed up to bring you the first in a series of free in-game loot in League of Legends for Twitch Prime members," Twitch's post said back in October. "Starting now, Twitch Prime members can receive a Summoner's Crown Capsule, which contains a random legendary-tier skin shard. Additional loot will be available starting in early 2019."

League of Legends' first Twitch Prime loot promotion is scheduled to end on December 12th.