League of Legends Reveals First Look at Gwen's Gameplay, Abilities

Just after revealing the name of the next League of Legends champion in the first teaser for Gwen, [...]

Just after revealing the name of the next League of Legends champion in the first teaser for Gwen, Riot Games released another video showing off the first look at her gameplay. Through that, we got to see a preview of her abilities, but we don't yet have a full breakdown of her kit. We can see some of the effects of her abilities from what's shown, though as is the case with most new champions who have plenty of effects on their moves, we'll need a more detailed explanation to make sense of everything that's happening.

You can see the first look at Gwen's abilities below as she faces off against a variety of champions including Kha'Zix, Riven, Swain, Hecarim, and Maokai. As expected considering she's a skirmisher, champion, she's got a bit of mobility and also a way to apparently mitigate some damage while weaving in her own attacks between her defenses.

Her gameplay video is largely just a flurry of abilities overlapping each other, but that's the norm for these sorts of preview until we get a full breakdown of what she can do. However, there are a few noticeable effects we can pick up on from the teaser.

One of her primary damage-dealing abilities appears to be a skillshot that flings a sewing needle missile at her enemies. It seems like the ability marks enemies for some sort of follow-up effect, but it's unclear if that's exclusive to that ability alone.

It's also worth noting that this ability causes several blades to circle around Gwen. More of them seem to appear as she lands different abilities.

She's got a cone-shaped attack using her scissors that's first seen shortly after she uses a dash against Riven, but as we see in her fight with Mordekaiser, it's apparently not just connected to the dash. She uses a similar attack against Kha'Zix, though it lasts for a shorter duration that time.

Her most interesting ability is the aura surrounding her in several of her fights against enemies with projectiles. These projectiles can move through the aura and continue out the other side, but they don't appear to affect Gwen. On top of that, the aura is apparently able to move with her if she would leave its range.

Gwen also has an attack – perhaps her ultimate – which appears to consume the blades floating around her to launch a flurry of missiles at an enemy. She uses it towards the end of the video outside of her aura, so it appears the two abilities aren't the same move with multiple effects as previous fights in the teaser might've suggested.

Speculation will only get players so far, though we hopefully won't have to speculate much longer. With the gameplay following the teaser shortly after the latter was revealed, we may soon get the full breakdown of Gwen's abilities.