League of Legends: How Vision Score Works

Vision Score is a fairly new concept within League of Legends. Gone are the days of support-minded [...]

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Vision Score is a fairly new concept within League of Legends. Gone are the days of support-minded summoners not getting the gratification they deserve. Now they have a stat at the end of the day that rewards them for opening the eyes of their teammates throughout the game.

But what exactly is Vision Score? How does it work? Riot Gmang, a Game Designer behind League of Legends recently hit the Nexus and dove a little deeper into the newest stat.

"Vision Score is a loose measurement of vision game contribution, and can be ballparked as "about 1 point per minute of ward lifetime I'm responsible for providing/denying." It tends to be in the 5-150 range," said Riot Gmang. "So, if your vision score at the end of a game is 121, you can ballpark "my vision contribution this game was worth about 2 hours of ward lifetime."

According to Riot Gmang, there are three ways you accumulate vision score. The first way is through Ward Lifetime Provided. This simply means that each minute of a ward that is alive and well gives you one point. You can also get fractions of points.

The next way is Ward Lifetime Denied. This one is a little easier. When you destroy a ward (and get the gold for it) you get one point for every minute of life remaining on the ward.

The final way you can get vision score is through Vision Mechanics. Vision Mechanics simply means you are using tools, abilities or activating items to create vision. Whether it's through Ashe's Hawkshot, a Scuttler Ward, Scryer's Bloom or Quinn's Heightened Senses - you will continue to rack up the vision score.

So what should you be aiming for? Riot Gmang has an idea and said, "A typical Vision Score can be single digits (short game where you're not using trinket well) to well over 100 (long game with consistent sightstone use). Generally, vision-focused junglers come out on top for shorter games, whereas Sightstone supports come out ahead on longer games."

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