League of Legends Is Retiring Ocean Week

After running the series of events for several years, League of Legends’ Oceania server is [...]

League of Legends Ocean Week
(Photo: Riot Games)

After running the series of events for several years, League of Legends' Oceania server is retiring the Ocean Week events.

The events that take place in Ocean Week on the OCE server allow players to participate in weekly events where they can earn both incentives in-game as well as the occasional out-of-game prize as well, such as naming some Tasmanian devils. However, with the current state of the missions and other frequent events that now exist in League, Riot says that Ocean Week doesn't have the same effect that it did when it first began.

"When we first cooked up the idea for Ocean Week back in 2015, League of Legends was in a very different place. We were all living in the old client, a place where mana potions were still a thing, Galio had rockin' abs and Nunu was... well, he was still Nunu.

"Three years on, and things are looking very different for League of Legends players. Thanks to missions, reward-based events like Ocean Week no longer come once a year, they come often – in all shapes and sizes – providing new game modes that enrich the wider skins universe. And with Clash on its way, players will have the opportunity to play together like never before."

The announcement about Ocean Week's end continued to say that the resources required to run the events aren't unlimited, and as such, the Ocean Week events will be retired.

"At its best, the Ocean Week trilogy saw the community pool together time and time again to best any challenge set before them, and – thanks to you – no Ocean Week ended in failure. Whether it was kicking back pool party style, fighting off a giant crab, or defending the wildlife from a tentacled menace, we hope you had as much fun taking part in the festivities as we did making them."

Throughout its duration, Ocean Week featured several events tied to the Oceania server ranging from an artificial underwater reef created that featured Nautilus. By completing the events that were posed in-game, players could earn themselves some loot while also contributing to environmental causes and other real-world endeavors.

You can check out a recap of Ocean Week events through the announcement page before you bid Ocean Week goodbye.