League of Legends Announces New Mecha Kingdoms Skins

New League of Legends skins are on the way early next year to kick off the start of a set of cosmetics that’s the first of its kind. The new skins are part of the Mecha Kingdoms set which appear to combine the themes of the existing Mecha and Warring Kingdoms skins. Five skins have been confirmed for the set so far, and they’ll all be launched on January 15th at 11 a.m. PT.

At least one champion has already been confirmed to be a part of the Mecha Kingdoms line based on what was shown in the trailer above. Jax is the narrator who sets up the events of the Mecha Kingdoms story that speaks of conflicts between nations and massive beasts. To fend off the second of those threats, Jax and other champions appear to have outfitted themselves with massive mechs that boast a Warring Kingdoms flair.

Jax is the only one of the champions that’s been revealed so far though, so there are four more champions that we don’t know about that’ll also get the skins. Jax doesn’t have a Mecha skin nor does he belong to the Warring Kingdoms line, so one would imagine that the other skins will go to champions who are similarly not part of either group. The teaser also specifies that there will be five pilots in total, not just five skins, so it’s entirely possible that one of these champions will get their first Prestige Edition skin to help kick off all the Prestige cosmetics that’ll be released in 2020.

Amid the teasers and speculations, players have also noticed one thing in particular: Jax has a weapon again. It’s not the first time that he’s been given one considering how many skins he has, but it’s still being acknowledged considering how important his lack of a real weapon is to the champion’s backstory.


League of Legends has a ton of skins releasing in this patch alone, so they’ll have other cosmetics to keep them busy until the Mecha Kingdoms ones release. We probably won’t see who the other four Mecha Kingdoms champions will be until next year considering their release dates and the time they’ll be on the PBE for testing, but expect their full reveal to happen eventually.