League of Legends Reveals Memotion Contest Winners

The winners of League of Legends' Memotion contest have been revealed with lots of angry faces drawn and some grand prizes being distributed.

Riot Games shared news of the competition weeks ago and asked players for their best League artwork. With a few stipulations and guidelines in place, the goal of the competition was for players to show a champion expressing some type of powerful emotion be it happy, sad, or anything in between. While anything could've been drawn, it looks as though angry was the way to go with four out of the five winners depicted a heated attitude.

"Your task is to create a portrait of a champion, from the shoulders up, showing an intense emotion," the announcement post for the contest said. "Whether that's Garen roaring 'Demacia,' or Annie grinning maniacally, eyes blazing, or Braum in the throes of a belly-busting laugh, the choice is yours. And no backgrounds required! For this particular piece you should be focusing on the champ's face and their emotions, nothing else."

Despite the name of the contest that suggested memes might be the way to go, the contest didn't actually call for solely memes. Anyone could vote on the contenders after they were submitted to push their favorites towards the top to get noticed by Riot.

The grand prize winners seen below drew Poppy and Garen, both of which have quite the angry expression in the submissions while gripping their weapons. These winners are taking home a huge prize for their victories to the tune of a new 15" Microsoft Surface Book 2 and 3250 RP.


Following the winners in the runner-up positions are three more drawings with two of them angry and the middle one imitating The Scream. Replacing the memorable figure in the famous painting is Bard with the Memotion submission wedged between angry versions of Ahri and Nidalee. The players who submitted these won a Microsoft Surface Pro each and 3250 RP.

Among the list of winners were 25 more honorable mentions with each of those contributors getting 3250 RP to spend. The full list can be seen below for you to see if there's anyone among the winners that you voted for during the competition.

  • Paper Pixie
  • KatoVisual
  • ArchangelKeii
  • Meix2
  • FaeSorceressLulu
  • Zark Starnotz
  • Tibodungeon
  • Ryuuna
  • beechs
  • Manga Delta
  • Zevrin
  • Papikana
  • RSpanner
  • ScruffytheTurtle
  • D3us 3xMachina
  • hyo oppa
  • cybersmack
  • moskvitchok
  • tanukiM
  • Kringlas
  • Achro XIII
  • Chris Duck
  • King Xeno
  • Moogle Main