League of Legends' NA LCS Spring Split Starts Soon with These Teams and Players

The start of the NA LCS Spring Split is almost here, but have you picked a professional League of [...]

The start of the NA LCS Spring Split is almost here, but have you picked a professional League of Legends team or player to root for yet?

While other regions have already begun kicking off their Spring Split as new and familiar teams face off against each other, the NA LCS start date is just a few short days away. Some players have moved to other teams, a few teams are completely new to the NA LCS this season, and viewers have likely maintained or adjusted their fandoms accordingly.

But if you don't have a team that you're dedicated to following, you might've missed the roster announcements that detailed who was playing on what team now and what position each player would be holding. The first week of games starts on Jan. 20 with familiar teams like Cloud9, CLG, and Echo Fox facing off against newcomers like the Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves, so you only have a short while to get acquainted with the players before the matches begin.

All the NA LCS teams along with their players and positions are listed here for viewers to familiarize themselves with who's playing for who this season, but you should also take note of the full schedule for the NA LCS and take a look at each individual team's schedule and wallpapers as you choose who to root for.

100 Thieves (100)

  • Ssumday, Top
  • Meteos, Jungle
  • Ryu, Mid
  • Cody Sun, ADC
  • Aphromoo, Support

Cloud 9 (C9)

  • Licorice, Top
  • Svenskeren, Jungle
  • Jensen, Mid
  • Sneaky, ADC
  • Smoothie, Support

Clutch Gaming (CG)

  • Solo, Top
  • Lira, Jungle
  • Febiven, Mid
  • Apollo, ADC
  • Hakuho, Support

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG)

  • Darshan, Top
  • Reignover, Jungle
  • Huhi, Mid
  • Stixxay, ADC
  • Biofrost, Support

FlyQuest (FLY)

  • Flame, Top
  • AnDa, Jungle
  • Fly, Mid
  • WildTurtle, ADC
  • Stunt, Support

Echo Fox (FOX)

  • Huni, Top
  • Dardoch, Jungle
  • Fenix, Mid
  • Altec, ADC
  • Adrian, Support

Golden Guardians (GGS)

  • Lourlo, Top
  • Contractz, Jungle
  • Hai, Mid
  • Deftly, ADC
  • Matt, Support

Optic Gaming (OPT)

  • Zig, Top
  • Akaadian, Jungle
  • PowerofEvil, Mid
  • Arrow, ADC
  • LemonNation, Support

Team Liquid (TL)

  • Impact, Top
  • Xmithie, Jungle
  • Pobelter, Mid
  • Doublelift, ADC
  • Olleh, Support


  • Hauntzer, Top
  • MikeYeung, Jungle
  • Bjergsen, Mid
  • Zven, ADC
  • Mithy, Support