League of Legends' Nexus Blitz Mode Will Return for Two Patches

The return of League of Legends’ Nexus Blitz game mode is happening soon when Patch 10.15 [...]

The return of League of Legends' Nexus Blitz game mode is happening soon when Patch 10.15 releases. Riot announced back in June that it'd be bringing back the previously experimental game mode for a short time this summer following promises from before that it'd try to bring Nexus Blitz back for limited-time events. After that, it'll stick around for two patches which means it'll be playable for four weeks, Riot Games said this week. Plans have already been made for Nexus Blitz's time on the live servers as well including a patch after its release to adjust some things and future opportunities for Nexus Blitz to return.

As we saw from the previous teasers and from the game mode's time on the PBE, Nexus Blitz will have a new map when it returns this time, one themed after the Ionia region in Runeterra. Gameplay adjustments like more events will also be added, and this return will mark the first time that some of the newer champions have been able to play on Nexus Blitz.

In patch 10.16 which will come two weeks after Nexus Blitz returns, we'll see some adjustments based on what's been happening since its Patch 10.15 release. Some of the champions won't be available right when the Nexus Blitz mode releases, but there's a chance they could be added later.

"We'll be in a position to make balance and pacing changes," Riot said. "If you've got thoughts on things like class/champ balance, snowball rates, game length, frequency of sudden death etc we've got a brief window where we could act on them here. We'll also be using this time to see if we can get Mordekaiser working for Nexus Blitz, with a small chance Ivern also gets enabled."

Beyond that update, Riot said it's looking ahead to when Nexus Blitz will return again and what'll be different when that happens. Some parts of Nexus Blitz are too big to change within the time it's around starting next week, but those parts could be adjusted by the time it's ready for another return at a later date.

"Next time Nexus Blitz returns - For Nexus Blitz's next outing (exact date still to be determined) we'll have the opportunity to act on larger feedback," Riot said. "Things like event design, rewards, the mechanics of the sudden death walking nexus fight etc would be feasible to change on this sort of longer timeframe."

League of Legends' Nexus Blitz mode will return in Patch 10.15.