League of Legends Reveals Pantheon's New Abilities

Riot Games has now fully revealed its rework for League of Legends' Pantheon, a champion with a knack for war and a set of new abilities. A first look at The Unbreakable Spear was revealed recently with Riot's latest video showing off his new moves, most of which are updated versions of his current abilities. The champion's rework is scheduled to go live in Patch 9.16 with this preview and his eventual release on the beta giving players a way to familiarize themselves with his moves before then.

Starting off the video in a big way, we finally get to see what Pantheon looks like underneath that golden helmet. The champion's face has been obscured by the headwear in the past, but within 20 seconds of previewing the new champion, we've now seen his face. We also see what items and runes he should be using in the beginning, and Pantheon mains will be happy to see that it largely looks like he's got the same playstyle as before as far as that goes.

More important than his face and the builds is what Pantheon can do though, and most of the video focuses on those details. Though the video itself only shows the abilities in action, the client has been updated to provide more thorough explanations of the abilities' effects. Each of those can be found below listed below.

Passive – Mortal Will

  • After five basic attacks or ability casts, Pantheon's next basic ability (Q, W, or E) is empowered.

Q – Comet Spear

  • Tap: Pantheon strikes in a direction, damaging all enemies in a line.
  • Hold: Pantheon throws his spear in a line.
  • Empowered: Enemies take extra damage and are slowed.

W – Shield Vault

  • Pantheon leaps to a target enemy, dealing damage and stunning them.
  • Empowered: Pantheon's next basic attack hits three times, each at reduced damage.

E – Aegis Assault

  • Pantheon sets his shield in a direction, gaining invulnerability to damage from enemies in that direction and dealing damage continuously. The last hit is extra powerful and still activates if E is canceled early.
  • Empowered: Aegis Assault lasts longer.

R – Grand Starfall

  • Pantheon leaps into the air and then hurtles back toward a target location, damaging enemies as he passes through. Mortal Will activates immediately when he lands.

Pantheon's new spear toss takes some direction from Pyke's own Q with two different types of attacks possible depending on how players wield it. His ultimate also looks to be a bit more reliable now that it covers a longer area of effect instead of just one circle, so champions won't be able to avoid being hit by it quite as easily.