League of Legends Patch Preview Shows What's Planned for Next Update

League of Legends’ next patch is still a couple of days away since we’re in the week between the days updates go live, but a patch preview for Patch 10.10 that’s been shared gives some insight into what’s planned for the next update. A few champions who are currently out of line in terms of power are being nerfed with an even number of champions getting buffed considering how one of the champion buffs planned has been pushed to the update after next. Some other changes planned for the positions overall such as the bot lane and middle lane were also mentioned in the preview, but position changes aren’t supposed to be going into the 10.10 update since they need more time to be tested.

Mark “Riot Scruffy” Yetter, the lead gameplay designer working on League of Legends, shared the infographic below to show what to expect from the game’s next update. Starting with the nerfs and working down through the list, we see seven champions getting nerfed and eight getting buffed.

Some of the champions getting buffed and nerfed are only being changed to reach goals for certain forms or roles. Kayn’s Rhaast form, for example, is being nerfed while Lux’s support position is still scheduled to be buffed, but those changes are now planned for Patch 10.11 instead.

One of the changes that’s already caught players’ attention is the Udyr buff. Gaining five movement speed doesn’t seem like a big change on paper, but those sorts of movement speed changes often have more impact than players realize. That’s especially true when it comes to Udyr, a champion whose whole existence is built around running people down and fleeing from trouble while drawing attention to the jungler.

Assuming the schedule holds as expected, this new update should be released next week. The changes referenced here are on the PBE for testing as players continue to try them out to see how they feel, so things could of course change from what’s seen here before the update actually goes live.

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